Once On Earth

A Very Long,
Long Time Ago
Life Was Deep In Spirit
On All Their Journeys
They Were Dreaming
Within The Sun`,
The Moon`, The Planet´s
And The Star´s Lights
And They Saw
Time Of Mankind,
To Meet Us Then,
Far Away,
In A Far, Far Time...

The Beings Of The Winds And The Clouds

We Are The Winds
Guiding You
To All The Places
We Are The Clouds
Showing You
All The Things
We Guide You On Earth,
Your Lives Beneath The Sun
And The Moon And The Stars
Are All Our Friends

The Prayer Of The Earth

I Saw It in The Mountains
And The Valleys
Within The Deserts
And The Forests
`read It In The Sun
And All The Planets
Also In The Oceans
And In The Clouds
The Prayer Of The Earth
To The Moon
And All Distant Stars

The Song Of The Trees

The Autumn Leaves
And Winters Wind
The Sources Of Spring
And Summers Dream
No More Time Repeating
And The Good
Instead Of Fears
By Illusions Defeat
The Colours Bright
Like The Flying Birds
In The Eternal Skies
And Visions Of Fantasy...

Mystic Stories

While The Peaceful Fire
Is listening To The Stories
Of The Winds,
Silent Moon Is Moving
The Secrets Of The Oceans,
During The Memories
Of the Days And The Nights,
And Father Sun Is Caring
For The Planets
And Mother Earth